Fiduciary Services

The term “fiduciary services” means to act as a Trustee or Guardian. The Foundation has been providing fiduciary services to California Southern Baptists for decades.The services provided are varied and can include acting as executor under a will, or being the successor trustee under a revocable living trust. It can also include acting as trustee of a charitable trust, or as the designated agent under a power of attorney.

When a client does not have a family member or friend qualified to serve in these important positions, this service can provide peace of mind. It is important to know that if you are suddenly or gradually incapacitated, someone is in place to speak on your behalf to medical providers, or to insure that your financial assets are looked after. Our staff at the Foundation is committed to the best care for our Fiduciary clients. They check in on them with regular phone calls and visits.

While the Foundation does from time to time agree to serve in one of these fiduciary capacities, we only do so when the estate or trust involved is making a gift to Baptist causes.


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