Legacy Planning for Churches

Every family needs a Christian Estate Plan and so does every church.  This process usually starts when a local church realizes that it will not exist forever in its current form. The Foundation believes a plan should be put into place before a church needs it. 

A legacy plan contains the written instructions for what will happen to a church’s assets should it ever cease to exist.  This plan may include provisions in articles of incorporation and/or bylaws.  It could also include a deed restriction or even an irrevocable trust or endowment agreement depending on each church’s specific situation.

Good stewardship should compel a church to put a God honoring legacy plan in place based upon what they believe is in the best interests of their church.

Our attorneys have assisted hundreds of churches with legacy planning.  We offer these services pursuant to our Legacy Planning Policies. 

You may download a copy of our policies and contact us to get started on your church legacy plan. 

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