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Christian Estate Planning is honoring the Lord from your wealth. Many Christians give faithfully from their income throughout their lifetimes, but they never take the time to “honor the Lord from their wealth”. Another translation uses the word “possession”. This means everything we own and includes things like a home, life insurance, retirement accounts and more. 

An estate plan is created so you can choose what happens to your earthly possessions when you pass away. Our goal is to help you understand how to best provide for your family members and possibly leaves a gift to your church or favorite ministry. We challenge believers to include a brief word of testimony in their wills. That is why we call the process Christian Estate Planning.

There are many tools which can be used in creating your estate plan. These tools can offer significant tax benefits both during life and after your death. These tools include a vairety of legal documents which help you manage your assets and income while structuring your estate in the way you decided is best for your heirs. Estate plans should include a will, power of attorney and a health care directive. Our team will assist you in creating your estate plan by understanding the Biblical principles of the inheritance and applying them. Which tool is the best one for you? We can help.

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